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Hello, my name is Domagoj Gabric

I graduated at Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology at Zagreb University, Croatia.
My MSc thesis was entitled “Corn based mixtures - rheological properties of gluten-free bread” at Faculty of Food Technology and biotechnology at Zagreb University in Croatia. Afterwards I continued my high education having worked on European project FP6 EU-FRESHBAKE.
I defended PhD dissertation entitled "Selection of mixed starter cultures with optimal characteristics for bread production using bake-off technology" also at Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Zagreb University, Croatia.
Having worked on EU-FRESHBAKE project I gained more than average experience on bakery processes, science and technology. During EU-FRESHBAKE project my responsibilities included bread fermentation modeling, study of given processes (partially baked, partially fermented) on qualitative properties of bread as well as yeast and starter culture properties studies. I have also participated in project management and EU commission reporting.
After EU-FRESHBAKE project, I held a post-doc position within another European project called AgriFoodResults; aim of this project was to provide effective and sustainable dissemination measures of research projects in the food area leading to a higher degree of technology transfer and innovation and therefore increased competitiveness of the food industry.
I also worked for “National Baking and Pastry Making Institute” (Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie, Rouen, France”) as researcher. This position gave a chance to get familiarize with traditional French bakery product. Besides scientific experience.
In year 2014 I established “FoodSciTech” Consultancy based in the Netherlands. Consultancy provides advises on food science and technology related topics. Special interest for consultancy is novel, mild technologies food processing. I am, also, co-editing and co-authoring a “Handbook of Hygiene in the Food Industry, 2nd edition”. In the past I have authored a book chapter, published 7 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 2 papers in Proceedings. I am a member of the Global Harmonization Initiative and Croatian Food Technologists Biotechnologists and Nutritionists Society.


IXL Netherlands B.V.
IXL Netherlands B.V. is Dutch company that develops special technological concepts from idea to market.
The company's guiding principle is People, Planet, Prosperity. It chooses technologies that contribute value to society, such as the Nutri-Pulse® e-Cooker. This appliance is innovative, has a low energy consumption and there is less waste of food ingredients.


  • 2014

    FoodSciTech Director
    Utrecht Area, Netherlands

    Food Science and Technology Consultancy

  • 2014

    Co-editor & co-author of
    Handbook of Hygiene Control in the Food Industry

  • 2012

    Food technologist / QA / NPD
    Zagreb, Croatia

    Food technologist, Food Quality Assurance, New Product Development

  • 2011-2012

    Researcher - National Baking and Pastry Making Institute
    Rouen (France)

    Baking tests on impingement oven prototype, Energy consumption studies

  • 2011-2012

    Analyst engaged within MB-BVP project (Bakery and Pastry)
    Nantes (France)

    Lipid profile optimization in traditional French sponge cakes (Madeleine), Lipid profile optimization in cookies, Nutritional overview, Innovative technology implementation

  • 2010-2011

    Researcher engaged
    European project FP7-AgriFoodResults
    Nantes (France)

    National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering


  • 2007-2011
    University of Zagreb - Crotia
    Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology
    Doctoral degree

    PhD, Food technology, Bakery products

  • 2007-2008
    Ecole nationale d'ingénieurs des techniques des industries
    agricoles et alimentaires (ENITIAA) -  Nantes - France
    PhD training

    Mathematical model of truncated ellipse applied on dough sample
    Dough expansion during fermentation and low temperature excursion, model development

  • 2000-2006
    University of Zagreb
    Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology
    Diploma Engineer Food technology

My professional skillset:

  • Hygiene in food industry
  • Food Science & Research
  • Food Technology
  • Food Processing
  • Food Safety
  • Food Quality
  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Microbiology
  • Ingredients

Books & Articles



- Editor of Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry, 2nd edition. Elsevier - In preparation

- Improving the quality of bread made from partially baked, refrigerated and frozen dough. Stan Cauvain (Ed.) Bread baking: improving quality, 2nd edition, BakeTram


Journal articles

- Impact of process conditions on the structure of pre-fermented frozen dough. Journal of Food Engineering 2011

- Gluten-Free Bread Production by the Corn Meal and Soybean Flour Extruded Blend Usage. Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 2007

- Shelf Life of Packaged Bakery Goods —A Review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 2009

- Influence of frozen storage and packaging on oxidative stability and texture of bread produced by different processes. Food Science and Technology 2011

- Production of high protein bread using extruded corn and soybean flour blend. Ital. J. Food Sci. 2009


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